Hi, I’m Megan. I started painting parties in December of 2015.

I’m a spunky, funny, high energy person. I love having fun and sharing that joy, relaxation, and good times with others!

My philosophy: art teaches us to accept our imperfection so we can move forward and create. Many people who haven’t painted before feel intimidated because they don’t think they will do a good job, but that’s not what painting and art is about!

Accepting that I’m not perfect helps me be courageous enough to create. Have you heard of perfection paralysis? Fear of not being good enough keeps us stuck and from moving forward. Fear keeps us bored, safe, and stuck. When we accept and love our work for being imperfect, we can be free to move ahead, grow, and create amazing things!

How it began…

It all started when I was going to an online school for health coaching (IIN). I took a test called “The Circle of Life,” where I rated myself low on creativity. I’ve always been an artist but the reason I rated so low was because I never took the TIME to do it! 10 years flew by since graduating from high school and I was so busy working my husband through school, cooking and cleaning–that 10 years of art was never made. So, I scheduled it on my calendar: “Paint Sunday 2pm.” The next week, I invited my friend Katherine over to paint with me! Then the next time we invited 2 others! I got wind from a co-worker that she and her hippy friends got together to eat dinner and do art. I wanted to do the same thing. I started inviting more and more people over to my 1920’s apartment in Spokane and we would drink coffee, eat brunch foods and listen to Reggae while we painted whatever we wanted. Now it’s a joy and fun thing to bring to others! My dream is to have my own painting party business in a shop and also be able to serve snacks, beer and wine.